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Mountain Avenue
Baptist Church
1325 Mountain Avenue 
Banning, CA
Tools help us build.  They help us get our projects done.  They have helped create some of the greatest structures on earth.  But some things can not be built with tools.  Our families, our marriages, even our faith, can only be built successfully by God.  He promised that anything He built would stand the test of time.
  We invite you and your family to come see what happens when you let God build your life.  
Upcoming Events
"Visit many good books but live in the Bible"
- Charles Spurgeon
Wynne Family 
Serving the Lord
in Mexico
Missionaries of the Week
 2 Sam. 16- I Kings 7; Luke 17-20
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​April 29
Men's Prayer Breakfast
Senior Saint's Fellowship
May 6
Mother Daughter & Friend Luncheon
 May 14
Mother's Day

Saturday May 6th
Special Speaker: 
Mrs. Ruhl